Although they serve the same purpose, labels can be very different in terms of use, artwork and specifications.

Label Innovators is able to meet the demanding requirements of multiple industries by operating multiple types of printing and equipment across two manufacturing facilities in Livermore and Santa Rosa Ca. Our team of label experts is always ready to help recommend the right equipment for your label project. 

Our full selection of label finishing and decoration options add upscale elements that increase your product's value in the market place. Labels with foil stamping, embossing and high build varnishes invite shoppers to pickup your package and learn more about your product.  

Hot Foil Stamping
With hot foil stamping a heated metal die is used to better transfer fine foil detail to the label and hold tight registration. A wide array of foil colors are available.
Sculpted Embossing
Choose our sculpted embossing option when fine details and a varying depth of emboss is needed in your design.
Single Level Emboss
Single level or polymer embossing gives great results when a large element needs to be raised at one continuous height. Since we make our own die in-house, we can control the detail and amount of depth.
High Build Varnish
High build varnish is applied with a mesh screen process and adds a hard raised surface to your label. Choose this effect when highlighting specific elements like logos or images on matte or uncoated papers for greatest impact.
Custom Paper Texture
Paper texture add a tactile quality that invites buyers to pick up your product. The team at Label Innovators can help you design your own texture or supply you with samples of available textures to choose from.
Special Shape Diecut
Consumer testing shows that using a unique shape for your label helps buyers recognize your brand quicker.
Spot Gloss Varnish
Adding a spot gloss varnish is an economical way to highlight special elements. Use on uncoated or matte papers for greatest impact.
Metallic Ink
Using a metallic ink on traditional paper provides extra emphasis to design elements and adds richness.

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