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iQ-dio is the new solution for any brand to deploy & manage interactive labels with today’s mobile enabled customer. With iQ-dio, you now have a front row seat to see where and when shoppers pick up each of your products!

Attract and Engage More Customers. Let iQ-dio Interactive Labels Tell Your Product's Story

How iQ-dio Interactive Labels Work:

1. Dynamic QR Coding

Your label is printed with a dynamic QR code embedded in the iQ-dio logo. Shoppers notice and scan the code with any smartphone. Dynamic QR coding allows scans to be recorded and tracked by the brand manager.

2. Content Without Apps

An instant menu appears with a list of options to discover more about the product such as product features, videos, reviews, coupons and more. Content is delivered without shoppers having to download special apps or navigate a standard website.

3. Total Control

Brand managers get complete control using an easy to use web portal of each label. Make real time changes to your content without having to reprint labels or new QR codes. The changes are always live with iQ-dio.

You're in Control Like Never Before:

iQ-dio Dashboard
- Customize Images, Colors, and Layout With the Simple Drag and Drop Interface.
- 24/7 Secure Login Access to Your Brand’s Own Dashboard.
- Add Interactive Content or Make Changes to Your Label at Anytime.
- Get Real-Time Information of Where and When Each of Your Products is Viewed.
- Control Customer Engagement Using Presets for Coupons, Purchases, Video and More…

All Plans Include a 1 Month Free Trial

1-2 Brands
per month/yr
plus $75 setup 
3-5 Brands
per month/yr
plus $150 setup 
6-10 Brands
per month/yr
plus $300 setup 
Frequently Asked Questions:

– Can I Get a Demo of the iQ-dio System?

Yes! We would be happy to demonstrate iQ-dio via a web-conference at your convenience. The demo lasts 30 minutes. To schedule your personal session, please contact

– What Does the Setup Fee Include?

The one time setup fee includes the time needed to work with one of our iQ-dio specialists to design and launch you mobile landing pages. They will work with you directly to ensure that the look of the templates replicate your product's packaging and branding.

How does the 1 Month Trial Work?

The 1 month trial allows you to begin one of the plans and try the system with your labels for 1 month before paying for the monthly or yearly subscription. The setup fee will need to be paid to start the setup and try the full system but billing of the subscription is suspended for 1 month. During the trial you can choose to cancel your plan if you wish.

How Long Does a Plan Last?

iQ-dio is a pay-as-you go service paid either monthly or yearly so you can end a plan whenever you need to. The recommended plan is 6 months to utilize that full potential of the system in a retail environment.

Can I Switch to One of the Other Plans at Anytime?

Of Course! Just give us a call to change to one of our other plans with more or less brands depending on your needs.

What is the difference between the 3 plan options?

The only difference in each plan is the total number of brands they support. A brand is any product family with the same name and style of labels. Up to 10 variations are included with each brand. The system does a great job of keeping all of your content grouped by brands so just pick the plan that is the best fit for you.

Learn More About iQ-dio

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